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Memory game with pictures of China.

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Challenge your brain and embark on a journey through China with memory game! A classic cards game aiming to developp memory, attention to detail and observation. Discover unique landmarks and enchanting sights of China and enjoy vibrant colors and intricate details of 40 gorgeous pictures (including Canton tower, great wall, forbidden city, local markets and animals..). Tiles come in an attractive, luxury box. Find the most matching pairs to win! The perfect gift to discover China!
Game rules :
Adjust the number of cards to the level of the players if necessary
Mix up the cards
Lay them in row face down
Turn over any 2 cards
If the 2 cards match, keep them and it’s your turn again
If they don’t match, turn them back over
Remember what was on each card and where it was
Watch and remember during the other player’s turn
The game is over when all the pictures have been matched
The player with the most matches win!


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