Pile - Up Game (Stick Stack)

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  • Suitable for Ages 3+
  • Can be played with many players
  • Great for family gatherings, parties
  • Practice colors, game language
  • Balance, Dexterity Game


You don't want to be stuck with sticks in Stick Stack, so try to place them as carefully as you can on the wobbling tower in the center of the playing area.

Each turn, you either draw a stick from the bag or choose one of the sticks in front of you (in case you had collected any on an earlier turn), then you place that stick onto the tower — but when you place it, the colors on that stack can touch only matching colors on the crow's nest or on other sticks that have already been placed. (If a stick slides onto other colors later as the tower tilts and wobbles, that's okay, but you need to match when placing!)

If any sticks fall off the tower on your turn, collect them and place them in front of you. When all the sticks have been placed onto the tower or when the tower falls over, the game ends immediately. If you caused the tower to fall, you don't collect any of the sticks, but you do score five points (which isn't good). Every player scores one point for each stick in front of them.

If anyone has eleven or more points, the game ends and the player with the lowest score wins. If not, play another round!

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1 review for Pile - Up Game (Stick Stack)

  1. %SD Dean   (verified owner)

    Easy to set up and play. But I found was a little challenging for my 4 yo students but ok for 5 and 6yo .

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