Pros & Cons ESL Workbook


Pros & Cons workbook


What is The Pros and Cons?

  1. It’s a workbook to be used in:
    • Large classes, like English Corners.
    • Teacher-led conversation classes.
    • Student-led conversation classes.
    • 1-to-1 teacher-student conversation classes.
  2. It’s task-based learning.
    • Aimed at building fluency.
    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking.
  3. It’s meant to be used by:
    • Adult students
    • University students
    • Lower-intermediate to advanced students (CEFR B2+, IELTS 5.0+, TOEFL 87+)

For Teachers

  1. Minimal preparation is needed. In most cases, you can spend 5-10 minutes looking over the unit, and you’ll have a solid grasp of what to do.
  2. A section is included at the beginning of the book to give you a general idea of how to go about each section in the units.
  3. Your TTT will be driven down significantly.
  4. Each unit can be adjusted to fit a 1-hour or a 2-hour class.
  5. This means that if you do one class a week with your students, you have enough material for either 6 months, or a year.
  6. The workbook can be used with large groups, small groups and 1-to-1 classes.
  7. The use of vibrant images from means that vocabulary and activities are easier to explain.
  8. The back of the workbook contains a vocabulary bank of potentially problematic words in each unit. This allows the teacher to assign these as a preview task before class. This further drives down TTT.
  9. Collaborative activities mean that students will spend a significant amount of time working together. This frees up the teacher to circulate, and give feedback.
  10. Useful tips are provided to the teacher to help maximize his or her efficacy in class with this workbook.


For Students

  1. STT is greatly increased using this workbook
  2. Students use the language to complete various tasks together, which means they build English fluency in a more natural way.
  3. Students are challenged to think critically.
  4. Students will learn to be more flexible in their thinking. Flexibility in thinking aids with flexibility in language.
  5. In many ESL classes, students continuously talk about shopping, food, weather and travel. This leads to boredom. This workbook introduces topics that are relevant to real-life, as well as topics that may be a bit more fantastical. Interested students are engaged students.
  6. As students more to higher levels, the focus is less about grammar and more about naturalization. This workbook lends itself to that, as it focuses on lower-intermediate to advanced levels.
  7. The workbook is so easy to use, that students can create study groups by themselves, and not even need a teacher to lead them.
  8. Statistics in each unit allow the students to potentially change their views of the world.
  9. Fluency tips are included to help students learn new habits to build better fluency.
  10. Useful tips are provided to the students to help them continue to maximize their fluency-building outside of class.

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4 reviews for Pros & Cons ESL Workbook

  1. Anna Annelitha Rose - Teacher

    I like the book's composition, with the main question placed at the beginning of each topic, followed by some detailed questions, and assignments to improve student's critical thinking skills and task-based learning style. I agree with the author's idea of not putting the Chinese translation in the vocabulary section. It will help students to learn independently by looking for the Chinese words on their own

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  2. Filippo Tattini - Teacher

    I just received the book, and I think it can really minimize TTT and maximize how much the students talk. Less fluent students won’t need to go through long articles, spending time translating the words one-by-one. The book goes straight to the point and gets students talking, without getting bogged down in listening and grammar exercises, which are time consuming. For oral English teachers, this is highly recommended.

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  3. Stacey Cui – Student

    I’ve had several pros and cons classes by this workbook’s writer.Since the first class, I was really interested in this workbook. The topics are very useful and always make me think about the issues in my life.It is not only an English learning book,but also provides a lot of knowledge and information.It helps me build up my vocabulary and fluency. I really highly recommend this book.

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  4. Jim McDonald – Teache

    The Pros and Cons series has been such an incredible addition to my ESL classroom. One of the biggest stresses for me is lesson planning. With the Pros and Cons, most of the planning is already done for me. The only thing for me to do is facilitate the classroom and encourage conversation among my students. I highly recommend this series to both new and experienced ESL teachers.

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