Sight Word Swat


Adapt this game for more than 4 players by taking turns with the swatters.

Add "swatters" by using rolled-up newspaper!

Make it more difficult by swatting "Sentences"

Have fun!


  • Build reading skills with this fun literacy game for up to 4 players where the element of speed promotes confidence instant recall of high-frequency words and reading fluency
  • The sight word flies are color-coded by phase from the Letters & Sounds program tricky words are highlighted in bold and yellow for easy identification and to remind children they can’t sound out these words phonetically
  • To play choose a color-coded phase of sight words or mix them up and lay them out where players can see and call out a word the first player to swat the correct answer keeps it the player with the most flies wins
  • This easy-to-play activity is perfect for reinforcing what children have been learning during lessons and is ideal for family fun at home or as an end of lesson activity
  • Includes 4 plastic swatters 150 double-sided flies cards featuring 300 high-frequency words and an activity guide suitable for ages 4+



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