Study Chairs


29cm, holds around 100kg

comes with foot covers

Red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, beige




Why are these the most popular chairs?

One-piece design means kids won't pinch their bodies in small cracks.

Rounded edges for safety

Easy to clean, I use baking soda

I've used mine for 10 years!

They can hold over 100kg, but even I can sit in them fairly comfortably. (I'm MUCH more than 100kg)


With small classes of 8, I get 10 chairs, 2 of each color. This way we can practice colors in context.

(P.S. if students fight about which color to sit in, it's a great chance to talk about sharing/not always getting your way, solve this with Rock-paper-scissors, or a seating rotation chart)

"If you are sitting in a blue chair, please make a line."

"Who wants to sit in the pink chair today?"

"Put the toy under the blue chair."


Different sizes and colors available upon request, please contact Customer Service with large orders!
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