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The GOAL of the Game Top Face! unites young and old with 3 different games, each increasing in difficulty.. The games are played in several rounds with 3 to 8 players. Whichever game is chosen, the goal is to guess and makes others as many facial expressions as possible.

The value of the cards is Shown on their back (1 or 2 points). How to play to the infernal race The first player turns the hourglass over and then attempts to make other players guess as many as possible to other players until the end of the hourglass time (à la charades). If the facial expression is guessed, the current player retains his card (1 point). Otherwise, the card can be discarded at the moment there are more than one person to guess left. The player who guessed the facial expression immediately takes 1 white from the draw pile card and scores 1 point.

The current player then draws a new card to make others guess another facial expression and so on until the end of the hourglass. Once the time has run out, he may continue to make others guess the current card in hand. If a facial expression is not guessed, the white card of the current player is returned to the deck. The winner The game ends after 2 rounds around the table (3 or 4 players) (1 round for 5 players) or if the deck is finished.

The player who has the most points wins. The game features 3 sets of different rules!

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