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Wall Chart – Language Arts (Pack of 12)


Language Arts
All the basics to help a young child learn to read!
Take advantage of all that our Language Arts charts have to offer:

  • Interesting and colourful alphabet charts introduce children letter by letter to the important world of reading: write-on, wipe-off chart included
  • Capital and lower case letters, consonants and vowel sounds presented alongside pictures to help show how words are formed
  • Appealing illustrations of common objects that children will know how to pronounce
  • Hang on the wall for children to see every day and help reinforce the building blocks of early and enjoyable reading


Pack includes:
1. The alphabet
2. Capital letters
3. The lowercase alphabet
4. Beginning consonants
5. Short vowels
6. Long Vowels
7. Beginning blends
8. Ending blends
9. Beginning digraphs
10. Ending digraphs
11. Word endings
12. Write-on chart “Letters in boxes”


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