Wall Charts – Physical processes (Pack of 12)


Product Description
This set of wall charts can be a wonderful ally in classroom and at home. As well as its educational content,its colourful design makes eye-catching display material that is ideal for decorating walls.·
1,Easy to fix with the enclosed self-adhesive mounting squares, durable and easily wiped。
2,Charts can be taken down readily and replaced: they don’t mark walls
3,Free gift with each set of charts to support the same topics

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Features includes:
1,A texture which is perfect to use with write-on/wipe-off crayons
2,A laminated surface which increases durability
3,A storage bag to keep charts clean and flat
4,Removable adhesive “no-mark” wall-mounts for chart display

Pack includes:
1. What’s the matter
2. Magnets
3. Electricity and magnetism
4. Electrical circuits
5. Light and colour
6. Sound
7. Energy
8. Simple machines
9. Newton’s laws of motion
10. Steps of the scientific method
11. Structure of the atom
12. Periodic table of the elements


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