More than a shop, Teacher's House is a large social network for teachers helping teachers! You can find us on WeChat, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

We have over 30 high-quality, well-managed WeChat groups for TEACHERS to meet and network with and find the resources you need to survive and thrive in China.

How to join us? It's Easy.

Step 1. Read and agree to our rules.

Step 2. Fill out the form and choose which groups are suitable for you (don't forget to tell us why!)

Step 3. Add our Group Admin account on WeChat. (We will respond within 48 hours)

Our 3 Simple Rules ---

RESPECT others.

We do not tolerate fighting, racist comments, slander, and bad attitudes. We strive to foster a positive community of helpful members. Because we are from all different countries and have different beliefs we ask everyone to THINK before posting and don't intentionally disrespect others. We are teachers, we should set a good example for our students.

Stay on topic!

We've created these groups to provide a platform for teachers to easily access what they need. Please respect that by discussing the topic in the correct group. 

NO ads.

If you'd like to send an ad in a group, please ask the admin first. We are willing to work together to help promote your stuff.

Job ads are allowed in the location-based groups and Online Job group, BUT they must be shared by a teacher, NOT AGENTS/HR/SCHOOLS.

** Please contact us immediately if anyone is harassing you privately **

If someone sends you unwanted friend requests, WeChat has a feature that allows you to ignore them. If you add them anyways and they send you messages that make you uncomfortable (ex. boyfriend/girlfriend, study English, illegal content, etc.) please take a screenshot and let us know! This helps keep our community free of spammers and idiots! Thanks!

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Example: "I have my own training center, so I want to join the Education Business group" IMPORTANT NOTE: If you chose multiple location groups your request will be automatically declined. Please message us for more information.
Please check the group notice upon joining for any important NEW notes or updated rules.